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Cembrit Fibre Cement Cladding Supplier

Cembrit Patina is an A rated cladding panel and is also a through coloured fibre cement board with a directional grain in a selection of pastel shades. Cembrit Patina weathers in a way that is very similar to a natural mineral cladding material, acquiring a Cembrit patina that enhances the very natural variation in the cladding panel. creates a long Cembrit Solid - cladding offering colour and durability lasting decorative cladding with a range of vivid colour options that will hide scratches, impact damage and the effects of weathering.

Cembrit Cover – a wide range of colourful claddings. Cembrit Cover is commonly chosen to accent any design features or just to make a very bold statement with your building’s façade, Cembrit Cover also offer very impressive selection of NCS colours.

Cembrit Transparent – matt finish, through coloured cladding. Cembrit Transparent is very popular on up-market residential developments and also on prestigious public buildings, Cembrit Transparent is chosen for its looks and long durability.

Cembrit Patina Original which will always connects the performance with any modern building and Cembrit Patina Original also have a very versatile look. At a time, when everyone is still searching for an authenticity and a very natural look, Cembrit Patina Original will always be the perfect choice for your building.

Cembrit Patina Original is a multi-purpose facade cladding panel which can also be used as an interior application and also as a decorative wall cladding solution. Cembrit Patina facade boards are ideal for an interior purpose due to their very high moisture-resistant and mould-resistant properties. You can read more on our website or contact us to find out how Cembrit Patina Original boards can be used for decorative wall cladding

Cembrit Patina Inline which is represents the strength and durability of fibre cement cladding. With milled linear grooves in the facade cladding panel, Patina Inline gives you a 3D effect to the building. Cembrit Patina Inline in combination with the very natural light and viewing angle that give a very lively look that keeps changing throughout the day. Cembrit Patina Inline will always provide a character and depth to your building design.

The very natural and authentic of Cembrit Patina Inline board brings a very significant play of shades between the high and low of the panel – Cembrit Patina Inline gets even more interesting when you combining the horizontal and vertical installations of Cembrit Patina Inline facade panel.

Cembrit Patina Inline will always patinate with the time. Cembrit Patina Inline will always enriching its natural appearance. As the seasons change and the years pass by, the very natural ageing of the Cembrit Patina Inline fibre cement leaves a very subtle traces on the surface, and the Cembrit Patina Inline façade will gradually acquire a distinctive patina.

Cembrit Fibre Cement Cladding Supplier
Cembrit board supplier

Cembrit Patina Rough is a through-coloured fibre cement cladding panel with a very randomly textured surface. Cembrit Patina Rough texture is created by mimicking a very natural processes which giving Cembrit Patina facade a very different appearance from a very smooth or coated claddings, namely that of cast or aged stone cladding. The randomness of each Cembrit Patina Rough board gives a façade clad in Cembrit Patina Rough, a very subtle variation in colour and texture, much as would be seen with a very natural stone cladding.

The inclusion of Cembrit Patina Rough can always enhance any of the visual interest of a facade cladding panel as it reflects the light very differently from a very smooth surfaced cladding, even if the angle from which the façade is viewed will change the effect. By combining Cembrit Patina and Cembrit Patina Rough, you can always highlight a different area of your building to enhancing the overall design and creating a feature of parts of the building that will always have a very special significance. The examples could be just to highlighting the area around the entrances or the windows area, by featuring a full storey of a building, or just to delineating apartments within a multi-dwelling residential construction.

Cembrit Patina Signature which is a sand-blasted Patina facade cladding panel in a 100% individual facade design where you will always have the opportunity to put your very own motifs on to the board and customize the pattern of your very own choice.

Cembrit Patina Signature which is also based on the very popular Cembrit Patina Original and the rustic Cembrit Patina Rough, together offering you a completely new design on a base of legacy and trusted with a very long quality.

Your design can always be embossed in two different ways – adding a completely new type of expression to the building – and serving as a very true reflection of your creative vision.

Option 1: Cembrit Patina Rough is known for being the most dominant. Option 2: Cembrit Patina Original which is also known for being the most dominant.

Cembrit Cover is all about appearance and creating a very long-lasting first impressions. This is the facades cladding panel which you will always bring along to a red-carpet event: Cembrit Cover is very Flashy, but yet is never too much. Cembrit Cover let you expressive, but with something very important to say at the same time.

With endless of very different colour variations to choose from, Cembrit Cover will always allow you to explore and to pursue any architectural idea and becomes a constant source of very vibrant energy. It is thus very perfect for any buildings that house learning and also laughter and of course to life.

Cembrit Solid facades cladding panel is that they’re the same colour all the way through. Each of the Cembrit Solid core colours is also matched with a full-coverage painted surface of Cembrit Solid in a very vibrant yet resilient colours. This means if you choose Cembrit Solid panel to provide a facade with a colour, every Cembrit Solid panel will always feature that colour on every surface and edge, and with the same colour on the edges of any cut-outs or drilled holes from Cembrit Solid.

Cembrit Solid is suitable for decorative walls cladding, Cembrit Solid is very strong and is also a non-combustible sheet of fibre cement. Cembrit Solid panel have a cement grey core with a very strong and durable surface treatment of water-based acrylic paint in a very strong colour. Learn more about how Cembrit Cover can also be used in decorative interior wall cladding.

Cembrit Transparent is stable and yet also very sophistication in one board: An outside designed to impress. An inside built to last. Cembrit Transparent speaks to the senses with its very elegant and charm – and also Cembrit Transparent doesn’t need to shout out to receive all the envious looks or positive attention.

Cembrit Transparent surface which will always let you peek through the board, which reveals the very true character of the robust core: Cembrit Transparent fibre-cement and coating in unity. A facade panel that will simply exudes style.

Cembrit Patina has a surface that will always create a natural and cast, or engineered a stone cladding finish but at the price and reduced structural cost of a very lightweight decorative exterior rainscreen cladding.

Cembrit Patina is based on the popular Patina Original and the rustic Patina Rough, together offering you a new design on a base of legacy and trusted quality. Cembrit Patina requested design can be embossed in two different ways – adding a new type of expression to any building – and serving as a very true reflection of your very own creative vision.