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Equitone Fibre Cement Cladding Supplier

EQUITONE panel is a very unique, which showing the raw and untreated texture of the fibre cement base cladding material. EQUITONE Fibre cement is a cement composite material that consists of cement, cellulose including mineral materials, reinforced by the visibility of matrix. Nothing else.

EQUITONE facade materials offer a very unique and unparalleled design flexibility. The fibre cement material is a very through-coloured, which means the surface displays of EQUITONE and the inner texture and colour of the core fibre cement material. No matter what facade design options you explore, the through-coloured of EQUITONE materials can be transformed into crisp, monolithic facade details.

EQUITONE panels can be easily cut and arranged in many forms, limited only by your own imagination. Whether a vertical, horizontal or angled layout is desired with large, small, narrow panels, laid either random or staggered are all very possible with EQUITONE. The pattern of the EQUITONE panels will have a bearing on the supporting frame

Equitone cladding
Equitone cladding supplier

EQUITONE cladding panel comes in a different standard sheet size, such as 1220mm x 3050mm panel or 2500mm x 1220mm panel) EQUITONE can provide support to optimalization calculations.

EQUITONE textura and EQUITONE pictura can be considered for applications on a roof. Please bear in mind that the panel is only decorative and there must be a suitably designed water-proof construction under EQUITONE panels.

EQUITONE natura fibre cement material is available in a different range of through colours. Which offering a very tactile and very smooth surface that allows the textures of the fibre cement to show through.

EQUITONE natura fibre cement Material appearance due to transparent coating and yet very strong, rigid panels

EQUITONE tectiva is a very through coloured fibre cement material that offer all the elegant shades of natural colour which will always provide you with a very unique aesthetic effect.

EQUITONE tectiva series just added a dark new hue that is both classic and very bold at the same time.

EQUITONE pictura offer you a selection of very contemporary colour coatings with a very smooth and ultra matt finish. The UV cured top layer of EQUITONE pictura is very smooth and is very easily cleanable acting as an anti-graffiti coating. EQUITONE pictura material appearance due to transparent coating, strong, rigid panels

EQUITONE textura is an easy-care façades panel with a very fine-grained structure and building envelopes from a very single casting through use in the system roof and as a balcony slab.

EQUITONE lunara is a very beautiful through-coloured material. The surface of the panel which is characterised by a very randomised texture of a very unique to EQUITONE lunara. The tiny and irregular elevations and depressions are reminiscent of the raw, ethereal cratered landscape of the Moon.

EQUITONE linea displays a very beautiful linear texture that highlights the very raw and inner texture of the core fibre cement material. Every moment of the day, the changing angle of the daylight gives EQUITONE linea facade material a different aspect.