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Fermacell Supplier

fermacell dry construction has revolutionised interior finishing, fermacell offer modern and a very high-performance systems, fermacell also offer almost unlimited possibilities for the creative design of interiors with a very different variable floor plans.

fermacell® gypsum fibre boards offer high level of execution safety, a very high stability and also load-bearing capacity of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards makes fermacell® gypsum fibre boards possible to clamp them quickly and easily to the substructure. The universal application possibilities of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards which ensure a very high level of execution safety in all fermacell® gypsum fibre boards areas of application, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards guarantee reliable and consistently good quality.

fermacell® gypsum fibre boards lower material requirement as well as the universal application possibilities of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards which require significantly less truck transport capacity than the use of any conventional gypsum boards. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards simplifies logistics as well as on-site planning, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards reduces environmental pollution.

Fermacell board
Fermacell supplier

fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are an important component for environmentally conscious and also healthy construction. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards production is carried out in an environmentally friendly process exclusively, on the basis of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards natural materials (recycled paper, gypsum and water) and without additional glues. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are proven to be practically emission-free and fermacell® gypsum fibre boards do not contain any hazardous substances such as formaldehyde. The very high positive building biology properties of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards have been confirmed by the Institute for Building Biology, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards in Rosenheim with the IBR seal of approval, and also by the renowned Cologne eco Institute with the fermacell® gypsum fibre boards "Low Emission Product" certificate.

fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are very well able to regulate humidity (water vapour adsorption class WS II) fermacell® gypsum fibre boards absorbing excess moisture in the room and fermacell® gypsum fibre boards releasing it again with a time delay in dry room air. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards moisture-regulating properties are supplemented by a fermacell® gypsum fibre boards balanced ratio of thermal insulation and heat storage. The house and apartment thus have a constantly balanced room climate, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards conveys a feeling of comfort and the security of healthy living.

fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board is an advanced water-resistant cement bonded board, fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board ideal for walls, floors, and ceilings, fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board is also an ideal render carrier board, fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board is approved by many of the leading render companies, fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board it’s specifically designed for use where there are damp conditions, fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board can also be used such as leisure and sports centres, including swimming pools and catering facilities area. fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board is perfect whereas traditional materials such as plywood and also plasterboard are liable to swell or break and disintegrate when wet, PowerPanel H20 board will always stays strong and firm, no matter how damp it gets.

fermacell Powerpanel H2O Walls & Ceilings

fermacell Powerpanel H2O can be fixed quickly and economically, fermacell Powerpanel H2 can also be fixed to metal or timber studwork. Imprevious to water.

fermacell Powerpanel H2O range of board sizes up to 3 m
Easy to fix and cut
Fixed to metal or timber stud
Tough and hard wearing
fermacell Powerpanel H2O edges bonded with Jointstik adhesive
No pre-drilling needed
Ideal surface for tiling
fermacell Powerpanel H2O is used to back log burning / solid fuel stoves
fermacell Powerpanel H2O is heat resistant up to 200 degrees Centegrade

Waterproofing System

fermacell Powerpanel H2O to be used where a complete tanked waterproofed system is required.

Impermeable to water
Free of solvents and softening agents
fermacell Powerpanel H2O with quick drying time of 2 to 3 hours
fermacell Powerpanel H2O is superior adhesive strength and excellent crack resistance
fermacell Powerpanel H2O compatible with tile adhesives, solvent free coatings and sealants
Full tanked system