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(Frame Fixing For Rain Screen Facade Systems)

Plastestrip FastFrame is an adjustable cladding fixing system that suits most brands of exterior cladding panels. We can offer an in-house technical service to calculate the safest yet most cost-effective bracket spacings to support your facade. Save time and money by completing the checklist below.

FastFrame Benefits:

The ThermaFrame system uses stainless steel brackets to reduce heat loss through the facade support systems.

ThermaFrame Benefits:

BBA approved

Brackets made from A2 stainless steel to reduce heat loss

T & L rails are made from high specification 6063 T6 grade aluminium.

2-3 day in-house calculations.

Adjustable universal bracket is suitable for all building substrates.

Compatible with various facade finishes.

On-site pull out tests by trained technicians.

Fully backed by an independent structural engineer offering PI cover.

Plastestrip PlastiClad is our comprehensive cladding accessories range that suits all major brands of 6, 8 and 10mm cladding panels. Some of our profiles are also suitable for other panel sizes and systems, for instance, weatherboard panels and very thick panels. Accessories include colour-matched trims in aluminium, uPVC trims, EPDM gaskets and shadow line tapes, colour matched stainless screws and rivets, colour matched aluminium/stainless rivets and bespoke trims and flashings.

PlastiClad Benefits:

Comprehensive cladding accessories range

Suits all major brands of 6, 8 & 10mm cladding panels

Profiles available for weatherboard panels

Profiles available for very thick panels

Accessories include colour matched trims