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Fundermax Cladding Supplier

Fundermax produce high-quality wood-based materials and compact laminates in a wide range of decors from Fundermax are used to create individually designed solutions. Such as a very raw chipboard and coated chipboard including laminate panels and compact panels or even biofiber panels and panels in the Fundermax m.look category: The Fundermax portfolio impresses with the robustness and also a very diversity of the products. The Fundermax wood-based materials and also the compact laminates are very easy to process and also very easy to clean and disinfect.

Fundermax Interior are very versatile and high-pressure laminates including chipboard panels. Fundermax could be it for the production of furniture including trade fairs and shop fittings or even for high traffic areas such as cafeterias, Fundermax will always offers a very high-quality high-pressure laminates including chipboard panels for every application.

Fundermax cladding
Fundermax cladding supplier

Fundermax exterior Sky (NY) Carefully developed, Sky delivers an entirely new optical quality, emulating the nuances of rough stone surfaces. Fundermax exterior Sky (NY) Its deep matt finish is enhanced with a very shiny facets, which will always sparkle as they catch the light and creating the perfect impression.

Fundermax m.look Exterior: wall cladding and fire protection panels from Fundermax Fundermax m.look Exterior panels: Extreme heat and blazing sunshine. The robust material of Fundermax m.look Exterior panels is stands out with its very high scratch resistance and it’s also very light fastness and very impact resistance including anti-graffiti properties and hail resistance and it is also very easy to clean. A mineral and non-combustible core which is located between the weather-resistant and also the decorative surfaces. Speaking of decorative the wide variety of Fundermax m.look Exterior panels which is possible decors impresses first the users and then the viewers. The logical consequence of this Fundermax m.look Exterior panels which are used in commercial environment as well as in public area including private spaces for exterior applications. Speaking of decorative. The multitude of possible for Fundermax decors which are first inspires the users and then the viewers. The logical consequence of this is that Fundermax m.look Exterior panels are used for both commercial and also public outdoor applications.

Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality cladding’s versatility is due to its lightweight, strong, durable and colourfast qualities. Along with all the very attractive aesthetic appeal including the hardwearing properties it is also frost resistant and heat resistant. Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality is also maintenance free and very cost effective which is also super easy to install. FunderMax decorative cladding boards are suitable for all exterior applications.

Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) Weather-resistant Max Compact Exterior panels from Fundermax. Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) can handle a very high temperatures and also a very strong sunshine in the summer, freezing cold in the winter and increased humidity thanks to snow and rain in winter and autumn: the Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) materials used for facade designs including balconies and also outdoor furniture which must be extremely weather-resistant. Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) Compact panels for exterior applications can also stand up to every weather condition and are also very quick and easy to install. Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) also offer you plenty of freedom to realize even the most creative designs. With a wide variety of surfaces and decors from Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) you are sure to find a look that impresses.

Fundermax Max Exterior Hexa (NH) Decorative and durable the Hexa surface for Max Exterior panels Impressive in every situation Fundermax Max Exterior panels which are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL), which are also produced in laminate presses under great pressure and at a very high temperature. Fundermax Max Exterior panels double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins which make for a very highly effective weather protection which is especially well-suited to permanent applications.

Fundermax Max Exterior panels surface which are all solid colours, very creative décors and also wood décors from the Fundermax Max Exterior Collection are also available. Fundermax Hexa surface is an ideal for patios or recessed balconies including the stairways or platforms and outdoor dining areas and docks. Fundermax panels are very easy to install usually on wood sub-constructions. Fundermax Hexa surface exterior panels which can also be applied on metal or wood sub-constructions for a very new balconies, or for the restoration of any existing balconies and also for vertical surfaces such as in any ventilated facades with an unusual or interesting texture wall cladding.