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Promat Supplier

Promat Supalux is the expert and worldwide reference in Promat Supalux passive fire protection and Promat Supalux high-performance insulation for the construction sector and a large number of industrial markets.

Promat Supalux is resistant to the effects of moisture and Promat Supalux will not physically deteriorate when used Promat Supalux damp or humid conditions. Promat Supalux performance characteristics Promat Supalux not degraded by age or moisture. Promat Supalux is also produced as bevelled edge panels, Promat Supalux is suitable for suspended ceilings using a concealed grid system.

Promat building board
Promat supplier


• Internal partitions
• Shaftwall
• Ceilings, floors and roofs
• External and internal walls
• Service enclosures
• Protected zones
• Boiler backers
• Thatched roofs

Promat Masterboard® is resistant to the effects of moisture, Promat Masterboard® will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions and Promat Masterboard® can withstand temperatures up to 80°C and frequent temperature changes. Promat Masterboard® can be left undecorated and Promat Masterboard® can be easily decorated with paints, wallpapers or tiles.


• Up to 30 minutes fire resistance.
• Suitable for areas of high humidity
• Multi-purpose internal and semi-exposed applications
• Fire Reaction Class: A1 Non-Combustible EN13501-1
• BBA Certified