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RCM Y-Wall Supplier

Y-wall is a very flexible cement and calcium building board, Y-wall is for applications that require a very slightly lighter building board with improved for fire properties. Y-wall is a sheathing board, Y-wall can be used behind rain screen cladding, Y-wall can also insulate facades cedar cladding to name but a very few applications. In this Y-wall application, Y-wall would be recommended to use a water resistant and a very breathable membrane such as Tyvek, on to the face of Y-wall board, in line with a very good building practices for external cladding. RCM Y-Wall is an adaptable calcium silicate-based fibre cement building board, RCM Y-Wall offering excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability. RCM Y-wall building Board Main Applications which include Partitions, and also Sheathing board and OEM uses.

Y-Wall is A1 non-combustible, Y-Wall come with BBA certified calcium silicate cement building board. RCM Y-wall is a high-quality flexible calcium silicate cement-based building board, Y-Wall is perfect for use as a fire rated sheathing board. Y-Wall offering excellent fire properties as well as a very high levels of dimensional stability, Y-wall is an exceptional board for use in multiple applications. RCM Y-wall. For cutting RCM Y-Wall product in any volume, we also recommend the use of an RCM Y-Wall poly crystalline diamond, which also known as Dart Blade to avoid excessive wear on other blades. Alternatively, RCM Y-Wall offer a complete fabrication service

RCM Y-Wall Supplier
RCM Y-Wall
RCM Y-Wall boards


• RCM Y-Wall Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class A1
• BBA approved
• Flexible and strong
• Excellent water resistance
• Easy to use
• High levels of dimensional stability
• Integrates with other RCM products

Y-Wall RCM Dafa tape should be applied to all Y-Wall RCM board, to Y-Wall RCM board joints as soon as possible after fixing the Y-Wall RCM boards, unless an airtight seal is required to the external face of the Y-Wall RCM sheathing board, for an airtight seal then the Y-Wall RCM Joint Seal system should be used.

RCM Cemboard is used primarily as an external sheathing board. RCM Cemboard provides excellent acoustic properties making RCM Cemboard an excellent acoustic building board. RCM Cemboard is extensively on both metal and timber frame structures, RCM Cemboard is also a great choice for modular and offsite builds. RCM Cemboard can be used behind all types of façade solutions, RCM Cemboard can also be use as well as in many acoustic floor and roof constructions.


• Sheathing board
• Acoustic flooring
• High impact partitioning
• Acoustic roofing
• Shuttering
• OEM applications

RCM Cemboard can easily be cut, or drilled and nailed using conventional hand tools; RCM Cemboard offering many of the properties of timber. RCM Cemboard can be used as an external sheathing board, RCM Cemboard can also be use on structures under 18m in height, RCM Cemboard is suitable for where a fire specification has not been specified. RCM Cemboard has a fire rating of B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 this is RCM Cemboard reaction to fire classification and should not be confused with fire resistance.