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Rockpanel Cladding Supplier

Rockpanel cladding is naturally protected from the elements

Rockpanel cladding is a ventilated façade, Rockpanel is a facade construction with an air gap between the insulation and the facade cladding. Rockpanel gap allows a natural ventilation of the facade and which can also act as a raincoat, this is to protecting the building from any wind and rain while at the same time still providing a very healthy indoor climate. Rockpanel ventilated facades counterbalance the effects of any moisture and help stabilise the temperatures in both inside and also on the outside, which helping to lower the energy costs in all seasons.

Rockpanel let you start with an idea. The idea that gives your very own building a character, this allowed you to shapes its surrounding and follows function. Rockpanel material you use should complement your own ideas and not to limit them. Rockpanel facade solutions make implementing your own design including your vision seamless from the start of your project to finish with nothing to compromise on aesthetics including safety or functionality.

Rockpanel Colours The best thing about using colour in your façade, is that the possibilities are truly infinite. In a design where colour is no longer seen as a finishing touch to the project, but as a key component of any design and build. In a modern building project where colour is becoming a tool to carve the right effect or ambience: Rockpanel Colours allowed you to create a daring combination of dramatic effects or altered perceptions including natural harmony or something profoundly deep.

Rockpanel Colours giving additional effects to coloured surfaces, the possibilities of using patterns or texture including perforation, grooves and many more are sheer endless. Rockpanel Colours allowed artistic decorations reflect the interaction between art and architecture.

Rockpanel cladding
Rockpanel supplier

Rockpanel Stones panels are very light-weight, Rockpanel Stones are very easy to handle and particularly very suitable for the use on high-rise buildings.

Going for unusual recesses or other striking features? Virtually everything is possible. Rockpanel Stones allowed detailing which can be carried out with precision on-site. With Rockpanel Stones there is no need for any time consuming preparations. Very easy does it!

Do you have any specific colour you being thinking and/or any stone look in mind? The possibilities are virtually unlimited! Get in touch and find out what the possibilities for a customised design are.

Rockpanel Woods cladding panels have everything you could ever wish for: Rockpanel Woods have an authentic wood looking and yet won’t rot or burn. Rockpanel Woods boards are sustainable and very low-maintenance.

Rockpanel Woods is available in various designs. Can’t find the exact perfectly match colour you been looking for? Contact us regarding any of all your Rockpanel question, and we also offer a custom designs to your own very specific needs and wants, which is also tailored to your own wishes. Get in touch with us to discuss all the possibilities of Rockpanel Woods.

Rockpanel Metals cladding panel are produced from compressed natural basalt, Rockpanel Metals cladding panel are sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all the Rockpanel products derive their very unique properties. Rockpanel Metals cladding panel products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood. Rockpanel Metals cladding panel are protected with an extra ProtectPlus layer, which means even any graffiti can easily be removed.

Rockpanel Metals cladding boards are suitable for use as an exterior decorative cladding or for an applications along the roofline and for building detailing.

Rockpanel Chameleon Looking for a facade that will make heads turn? Rockpanel Chameleon adds a little bit of magic to your building project and will definitely draw everyone else attention.

The secret of Rockpanel Chameleon vibrant colour is a very special crystal effect layer. The Rockpanel Chameleon effect remains very permanently protected for many years to come. What’s also pretty magical about Rockpanel Chameleon is the high self-cleaning capacity and the fact that even graffiti can be removed from Rockpanel Chameleon. Your chameleon-effect facade will therefore be as very beautiful for many decades to come as it is now.

Rockpanel Natural cladding panel has quite an extraordinary feature: Rockpanel Natural boards change under the effects of the weather. The fresh yellowish green colour scheme turns into a velvety, Rockpanel Natural slightly sparkling brownish red surface over time. Rockpanel Natural effect is similar to the way wood takes on a patina under the effects of the weather.

Rockpanel Lines2 allowed you to play around with the traditional facade designs, use Rockpanel lines as a continuous element or just to provide a very beautiful stylish touch. Your very own design is all about the Rockpanel lines, Rockpanel lines allowed you to perfect symmetry or abstract, because you know that you can always bring out the buildings best features by accentuating the Rockpanel lines. Rockpanel Lines² gives you all the freedom to work with your own vision and make it into a reality, Rockpanel lines comes with a perfect long lasting including low maintenance replacement for Rockpanel lines including wooden tongue and groove panels.

Rockpanel Brilliant which is treated with a four-layer water borne polymer emulsion paint on one side, and also comes as standard with a ProtectPlus finish. The Rockpanel ProtectPlus boards which are provided with an extra anti graffiti clear coating as a fifth layer on top of the coloured paint which is also improves the board’s UV resistance and therefore extended the standard colour fastness of the Rockpanel boards even further.

Rockpanel Ply As the boards are pre-primed, they are fully ready for your painting ideas and very easy to finish.

Rockpanel Ply is also the perfect ideal basis for a very unique piece of art on your façade. With Rockpanel Ply don’t limit your imagination, but feel free to use multiple colours on the ready-to-paint Rockpanel Ply boards.

Rockpanel Uni is exactly what you need. Rockpanel Uni is an ideal for any new-build or just to improving and renovating homes. So, what are you waiting for? Rockpanel Uni cladding panel are ready to become part of your beautiful new project, Rockpanel Uni is very clean and durable facade.

Rockpanel Premium You can also choose between 3 different gloss grades: matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss. Rockpanel Premium allowed you to pick the perfect finish that best suits your own design, or if you want you can also mix different gloss grades for an even greater effect.

Rockpanel Premium A2 boards come with a ProtectPlus finish as a standard, which will always make your façade extremely easy to clean; even any graffiti can be easily washed off.