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Siniat External and Internal Board Supplier

Siniat board can provide you with upto 120mins fire resistance to EN 1364-1 when used Siniat board within Thruwall® systems. Siniat manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions and ceilings including wall linings and also external sheathing purposes. Siniat products are used by first time DIYers and also small builders through to some of the most acclaimed architects and also construction companies also use Siniat. Siniat products are used in millions of properties across the country, Siniat helping to make homes and also Siniat is use for schools, Siniat is also use for hospitals building. Siniat is suitable for workplaces warmer and also Siniat can be use in a drier or quieter and also Siniat is safer than they have ever been.

Siniat Weather Defence™ is A1 non-combustible, Siniat Weather Defence™ offering the highest level of fire safety and also Siniat Weather Defence™ is compliant for structures above 18m. Siniat Weather Defence™ is a very faster way to a weather tight building compared to any traditional sheathing board products. Siniat Weather Defence™ complies with BS EN 15283 Type GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F.

Siniat board supplier
Siniat external board
Siniat internal boards


• Siniat Weather Defence™ is dimensionally stable, reliable airtightness
• Siniat Weather Defence™ is quick and easy to cut and install, Siniat Weather Defence™ saving time and reducing installed cost
• Siniat Weather Defence™ is water resistant and also Siniat Weather Defence™ is weather and mould resistant, Siniat Weather Defence can now be left installed and also exposed for up to 12 months on site, that’s before you need to complete the final facades cladding.

Siniat Bluclad is a high-performance fibre cement board, Siniat Bluclad is suitable for external sheathing and also Siniat Bluclad is also suitable for direct render and above all Siniat Bluclad is suitable for other textured finishes. Siniat Bluclad has outstanding dimensional stability which making Siniat Bluclad ideal as a substrate for a variety of very thin coat polymeric renders. Siniat Bluclad is also available in a standard 10mm thickness and Siniat Bluclad has a textured surface for rendering.


• Weather resistant
• Siniat Bluclad is easy to cut, work and decorate
• High dimensional stability
• Moisture resistant
• BBA certified