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Swisspearl Carat naturally dried colour line Carat creates clear expressiveness through a translucent, lightly pigmented surface. The through-colouring of the fibre cement panels creates monolithic and elegant-looking building envelopes.

Swisspearl Gravial is a naturally dried fibre cement board with a linear milled surface structure and glazing coating. Gravial's linear milling creates an impressive play of light and shadow, depending on the time of day and the angle of view.

Swisspearl Vintago is a naturally dried fibre cement panel, which appeals with a sanded and slightly rough surface. Through the polishing process with a rough abrasive grit, the interior and the originality of the fibre cement board is discreetly carried to the outside.

Swisspearl Vintago resulting robust texture of the fibre cement panels disrupts homogeneous surfaces without being obtrusive. With light and dark shades of gray and brown, a white and a black shade, as well as coloured shades of green, blue and red, the Vintago colour family offers a multifaceted range. However, the rather cool tones share one thing: they authentically express the structure of the fibre cement created by the polished character.

Swisspearl Vintago-Reflex naturally dried and solid-coloured colour line Vintago-Reflex combines the dynamic surface textures of the two Swisspearl colour lines Vintago and Reflex. The sanded, slightly rough fibre cement board is simultaneously given a slightly shimmering character by the submixture of reflective pigments in the surface coating.

Swisspearl Reflex is a through coloured, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a reflective surface coating, which creates a different return of the light. Depending on the viewing angle, this creates a restrained, shimmering look on the surface.

Swisspearl Reflex colour ranges from seven shades of black and grey, each with a slightly green tonality, to two warm white tones and three bronze red-brown tones. With its nuanced reflective pigments, Reflex presents itself with an independent and noble character.

Swisspearl Avera is a naturally dried and coloured-through fibre cement panel with a dynamic production process that gives it an unmistakably natural and authentic texture. The colour range around Avera is composed of versatile and combinable shades that ideally bring out the cloudy look of the colour line.

Swisspearl Avera highly resistant standard coating makes these panels particularly scratch-resistant and protects them from heavy soiling and graffiti. The transparent coating allows the natural appearance of the fibre cement to shine through, creating a lively surface look with varied texture and dynamic colour tones.

Swisspearl Nobilis is a grey panel with a translucent, lightly pigmented surface that highlights the fibre cement texture in all its natural beauty and elegance. The sophisticated shades of Nobilis create an effortless aesthetic and elegant lightness. As a naturally dried and lightly pigmented fibre cement panel, Nobilis is restrained and precisely because of this becomes an aesthetic eye-catcher.

Swisspearl Terra is a naturally dried grey fibre cement board with a translucent, strongly pigmented surface. The name Terra represents the epitome of the character for the earthy warm tones.

Swisspearl Planea is a naturally dried grey fibre cement board with an opaque, strong surface coating. Strong, vibrant and particularly colour-intensive are also the shades of the colour family, which is composed of two sunny yellows, two refreshing greens and four pastel to dark reds.

Swisspearl Zenor is a large-format fibre cement panel with an opaque coating. The selected colour range offers cost-effective yet high-quality implementation from production to assembly. All-round protection for building shells with simple elegance.

Swisspearl Patina Original has fine, sanding lines on the surface. Here’s a façade board that may be standard, yet it is much more than ordinary. Swisspearl Patina Original comes in timeless colours – it evolves and changes the expression of your building.

Swisspearl Patina Rough is a through-coloured fibre cement board with a randomly textured surface. The texture is created by mimicking natural processes giving the facade a different appearance from smooth or coated claddings, namely that of cast or aged stone cladding. The randomness of each board gives a façade clad in Cembrit Patina Rough, a subtle variation in colour and texture, much as would be seen with natural stone cladding.

Swisspearl Patina Inline represents the strength and durability of fibre cement. With milled linear grooves in the facade board, Patina Inline gives a 3D effect to the building. The featured lines in combination with the natural light and viewing angle give a lively look that keeps changing throughout the day.

Swisspearl Patina Inline provides character and depth to your building design. Swisspearl Patina Signature is a sand-blasted Patina façade board in a 100% individual façade design where you have the opportunity to put your own motifs on the board and customize the pattern of your choice. Swisspearl Patina Signature is based on the popular Swisspearl Patina Original and the rustic Swisspearl Patina Rough, together offering you a new design on a base of legacy and trusted quality.

Swisspearl Plank is the ideal alternative to timber weatherboarding, but does not require preservative treatment and is not susceptible to fire. Smooth or textured options give you the choice of a surface finish together with a colour to make your projects almost unique. It can be installed like timber weatherboard products.

Swisspearl Deco features a rustic coated surface for ventilated facades. The directional grain of the board is subtly visible through the paint - adding a smooth yet natural look to the painted Swisspearl Deco panel.